FAQ & Contact

What's the difference between a serving board and cutting board? 

Serving boards are typically thinner, textured, or have cracks or inlays. They are for serving, as opposed to cutting boards, which are thicker and super-solid. 

How do I clean and care for my heirlooms? 

Gently hand wash your serving boards and cutting boards, towel drying immediately. Never submerge either in water or put in the dishwasher. This will make us cry. Put some board oil on your board from time to time, and you'll keep things looking great for the next generation. 

Where do I pickup my order? 

If you selected local pickup at check out, we'll be in touch within the day with the pickup address in Homewood, Alabama. 

What's your shipping policy? 

Check out our shipping information

Where's the "Harlow" come from? 

Check out Our Heritage to learn all about it. 

Who's behind Harlow Heritage Workshop?

John Woods started Harlow Heritage Workshop with his wife Lindsay in late 2020. As a Christian minister and musician, John often has Friday off, spending it piddling in the garage. After having nothing to show for himself for several weekends in a row, John whipped up some serving boards for Lindsay, and the journey began.

How can I contact you? 

Shoot us an email at info@harlowheritageworkshop.com. We'll get right back to you in between running our three kids all over town. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram